1 lesson / week, billed monthly

Private Music Lesson

Saturdays weekly at 10:00am for 30 min. with G-Clef Music Academy Inc: Mr. C. Robbert
Month to month

NOTE: Violin Lessons with Mr. Robbert are priced at $55 per 30 minute lesson. If you register online for Violin, your price will be updated to the correct price before you begin lessons. 

A long-time resident of the Virgin Islands, Mr. Robbert is an avid instructor of both violin and guitar. He can teach beginning to very advanced on either instrument, and has guided students of all ages and levels. An alumnus of the world-renowned Interlochen for the Arts, he is formally trained on both instruments. With well over 40 years of live performance experience, he has been a full-time, professional musician his entire life, and has a wealth of musical wisdom and insights to share. As well as his classical training and background, he is also fluent in most other musical idioms, including Jazz, Caribbean, Blues, and Pop.

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